The GRIIS (Groupe de recherche Interdisciplinaire en informatique de la santé) at the Université de Sherbrooke is focused on the application of information sciences to improve patient outcomes through change in healthcare systems at various levels, from the delivery of care to clinical research. It is composed of experts in computer sciences, medicine and philosophy making it particularly well suited to innovate in the dynamic domain of health informatics.

GRIIS projects are inspired by the idea of learning healthcare systems (LHS), which aim at coupling care delivery, research and knowledge transfert into a coherent and synergistic vision. GRIIS current projects include formal knowledge modelling through ontologies, work on fundamental relational database concepts of temporality to expand query expressiveness as well as work on knowledge transfer like risk of death for hospitalized patients based on expanded data sets from usual care.

The GRIIS is also collaborating with groups at the provincial level (Quebec SPOR Support Unit), national level (National SPOR Network on diabetes and its complications – Diabetes Action Canada Network) and international level (INSERM UMR 1138 – Paris / HEGP). We are also supervising students at all levels and the relationships developed allow us to offer co-supervision with colleagues in Europe (leading to two diplomas).


  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – Department of Medicine
  • Faculty of Sciences – Department of Informatics


  • Centre intégré universitaire de santé et services sociaux de l’Estrie – CHUS
  • Quebec SPOR Support Unit
  • Faculty of letters and human sciences – Department of philosophy
  • Centre for Scientific Computing of the Université de Sherbrooke