Thibaud Ecarot

Thibaud Ecarot received his PhD in 2017 from the Télécom Sud Paris – Mines Télécom Institute in conjunction with the Pierre & Marie Curie University, in Paris, France. He works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Interdisciplinary research group on medical computer science (GRIIS) within the University of Sherbrooke.

His current research interests center on cyberspace security and computational intelligence. His work in the field of computer security focuses on data encryption to integrate data governance management across multiple organizations as well as to ensure end-to-end patient consent. Furthermore, in the context of clinical research, it is necessary to secure the commitments attribution of the stakeholders for a particular clinical data exchange contract as well as a complete traceability of all actions of each one on the data. Computational intelligence is a branch of computer science dedicated to issues that show a serious lack of effective computational algorithms due to NP-Hardness. As a matter of fact, computational intelligence interferes with cybersecurity when it comes to modeling complex behaviors through the use of fuzzy logic and larger search space in threat detection. His current work in computational intelligence focuses on compliance to both hard and flexible nonlinear constraints and online algorithm design to ensure infrastructure and data security.