Emmanuel Bilodeau

Master’s student in philosophy and applied ethics under the direction of Profs.  Jean-François Ethier, Annabelle Cumyn and Allison Marchildon

As part of his master’s degree, Emmanuel is particularly interested in the ethical governance of research, and more specifically in the inclusion of citizen perspectives. This interest led him to join the CLARET team to study the perspectives of citizens and other stakeholders on the transparency of secondary uses of health data. In his spare time, he enjoys growing plants and playing the piano.


Bachelor of Philosophy and Applied Ethics, Université de Sherbrooke


Bilodeau E, Cumyn A, Ménard J-F, Dault R, Barton A, Ethier J-F (2023) Utilisations secondaires des données de santé : impacts de la transparence [soumis]. Revue Canadienne de Bioéthique Cite