Félix Camirand Lemyre

A scientist at heart, Félix Camirand Lemyre specializes in methodological statistics. His work applies to biomedical and forensic sciences. In statistics, he is interested in problems of inference in the presence of imprecise data, the quantification of uncertainty and dependency modeling. In forensic toxicology, he collaborates with Brigitte Desharnais of the Laboratoire de sciences judiciaires et de médecine légale de Montréal to improve the analysis of data from blood sample analysis instruments. As part of this team, three of his students have contributed to a better understanding of the extent of the opioid crisis in Quebec. At the CHUS Research Centre, he is a regular researcher and scientific head of the biostatistics section of the Clinical Research and Epidemiology Unit.

Félix Camirand Lemyre’s main work focuses on non-parametric inference procedures for complex data. He is also working on the estimation of non-linear dependency patterns in the presence of time series and censored data, and on techniques for the distributional analysis of dietary intakes. In addition, in the area of nutritional epidemiology, Prof. Camirand Lemyre is investigating ways in which long-term exposure effects can be estimated from short-term exposure measurements. Statistical strategies for analyzing dynamic data flows, in real time, and the quantification of uncertainty in risk analysis are also of interest to him.


Ph.D., Université de Sherbrooke, mathematics

Master, Université de Montpellier 2, biostatistics

M. Sc., Université de Sherbrooke, mathématiques et biostatistique


Honorary Research Fellow, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Melbourne, since 2018.

New Investigator Presentation Award 2018, “Estimating the Distribution of Episodically Consumed Food Measured with Errors”, Statistical Society of Canada Annual Conference, 2018.



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