Samuel Dussault

Samuel Dussault - GRIIS

PhD student in computer science
under the direction of Profs. Jean-François Ethier and Luc Lavoie

A Ph.D. student in computer science, Samuel Dussault is interested in the information and knowledge management, and in systems interoperability (computer systems capable of working with each other). He brings to the table his experience in software analysis and development, including the skills he acquired at Groupe Concerti and during his many internships.

Data mining and sharing are at the heart of many information system challenges, particularly in the medical field. As part of his research project, Samuel Dussault is developing a mapping method for multiple health data sources through a knowledge model (ontologies). He wants to help researchers and clinicians query and retrieve information from multiple, heterogeneous data sources.


Master’s studies, Université de Sherbrooke, computer science (fast-tracked to doctorate)

B.Sc., Université de Sherbrooke, computer science


Khnaisser C, Lavoie L, Fraikin B, Barton A, Dussault S, Burgun A, Ethier J-F (2022) Using an ontology to derive a sharable and interoperable relational data model for heterogeneous healthcare data and various applications. Methods Inf Med 61:e73–e88. Cite Download