Improving health care and patients’ lives, one step at a time

The GRIIS research team brings together professionals in computer science, medicine, health care and social services, law, ethics and philosophy.

The GRIIS interdisciplinary projects address critical issues — from IT and informatics to health care systems, from clinical practice to biomedical research, from law to ethics.

Society is becoming more complex. Health data is stored in many different places. Researchers and clinicians need access to this data to deliver patient-centred health care. This data is also needed to improve the quality, cost and efficiency of health care services.

What if clinicians could integrate new knowledge seamlessly into their practice?

Delivering quality health care

The GRIIS conducts research that helps health systems improve health care. Quality health care is:


The health care system must avoid harming patients.


Health care should be evidence-based.


Clinicians should make their decisions taking into account patients’ biology, culture and sociocultural context.


Unnecessary delays suggest defects in the system of health care.


A system should minimize the loss of resources, funds, opportunities, time, space, capital and ideas.


Gender, ethnicity and income should not deprive patients of the best possible health care.

Research projects


Consent for access to health data for research.

Accessing the right data, at the right place and time—with patients’ consent.

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Research fields

Knowledge modelling

Temporal database hosting

Access to heterogeneous data sources through mediation

Securing distributed systems that process sensitive data

Legal and ethical dimensions in using health data for research


GRIIS researchers publish articles in computer science, informatics, law, ethics and philosophy.