Fostering the improvement of health care and the health system by combining science, technology, medicine and philosophy

Learning health systems

The GRIIS produces open-source technologies that help build learning health systems. Within learning health care systems, clinical practice and health research produce knowledge that is effectively reintroduced into the health care system.

  • Citizens benefit quickly from better quality care.
  • Clinicians adapt their practices based on new knowledge.
  • Researchers have access to the right health data at the right time to reduce risk and optimize health care.

Application areas

Knowledge modelling

Temporal-database hosting

Mediating heterogeneous data sources

Securing distributed systems that process sensitive data

Legal and ethical aspects when using health data for research


Learning platform in health research and social services

Improving quality of care and patients’ lives by making data work together.

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Audit and feedback application

Improving the quality of primary health care and management of people with diabetes

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Applied ontologies

Improving the exchange of medical information.

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