Do you want to develop your informatics and system development talents and skills?

Graduate studies

Looking to specialize? Do you want to take up or contribute to research that transforms health care?

As part of our research team, you will carry out a study, or a research and development project that addresses critical issues about access to health data.

Whether it is in computer science (software engineering, databases, applied ontologies, security), law, ethics or philosophy, you will contribute to discovering new lines of thought and solutions.

You will help transform the ways in which health care and health research are practised today in our society.

What we offer

At the GRIIS, you will join a convivial team of researchers, students at all levels, analysts, developers and research professionals.

You will develop a balance between practice and theory, and acquire skills to pursue a research career or a professional career.

We offer funding opportunities for the duration of your program of study. You will enjoy trainings, outings, and enriching and entertaining events!

Studying at the Université de Sherbrooke and living in the Estrie region, you will settle into a dynamic university environment surrounded by invigorating natural spaces.

Undergraduate studies

Get work experience that allows you to integrate what you have learned and to envision your future work environment.

Master’s studies

Immerse yourself in health informatics research and development, and pave the way for your future career.


Take research in health informatics to new horizons.

Postdoctoral studies

Join an interdisciplinary research team that works to improve the quality of health care in Canada and abroad.

Your training is our priority

We develop a training plan together, according to your interests. You will be able to attend numerous training sessions and conferences in your fields of interest.

You will have access to resources at the Université de Sherbrooke.

Several members of the GRIIS team teach courses in health informatics, health research, medicine and ethics.

What challenges will you meet?

You will develop in a growing research and development setting.

You will apply concepts and theories in a real environment, at the crossroads between computing, informatics, health, law, ethics and philosophy.

You will acquire and apply a variety of strategies and methods, based on assignments, projects and technology.

Undergraduate studies

Are you looking to acquire expertise that will help you thrive in the job market?

Graduate project offers

Do you want to contribute to the value proposition for IT?